24 responses to “Shop

  1. I absolutely love your restaurant. Great food at a fair price and friendly service. Also nice that you guys do so much for charity. Than You.

  2. Me and my family love the Red Barn! We to thank you and your family for cooking delisious food and being a great charity events!

  3. My Husband I love the resturant the food is good but the staff are wonderful people to make your visit special you know how to pick them!we have two wonderful grandchildren with special needs that often come with us or there parents they love the outdoor seating with there wheel chairs and a nice lading who gives them WOOPIE pies or icecream after there meal plus lots of hugs you have good people working for you leah

  4. Do you ship your Red Barn stew? It looks Awesome!!! I am in Kentucky and have never been to Maine but have always wanted to go!! I know it must be a Beautiful place!!

  5. Do you ship? Have a bunch of lanlubbers out here (Indianapolis) who do not know what real seafood is like! We usually have lobster, shrimp and scallops flown in a couple times a year, and it is that time once again.

  6. I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how proud I am of you. The good Lord has blessed us with your purpose in life. Thank you Laura,from the bottom of my heart♡

  7. After reading these comments. I think a road trip is about due. I am outside of Bangor Maine and your Seafood Chowda sounds real good

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