Fundraiser this Thursday, September 11th for Isaac Gingras!


This Thursday from 4 to 8pm, 50% of all proceeds at the Red Barn will be donated to the Gingras family to help them with the travel expenses to take turns staying with Isaac while he is in the hospital in Vermont, and to help alleviate the financial stress of missing work to take care of Isaac.

**Update** As of today, September 7th, the drain that was in Isaac lung is no longer working and he will be headed into surgery again to drain the fluid in his lung.

Isaac Gingras was rushed to the hospital in Burlington Vermont late in the evening on September 2nd from St. Lawrence College in upstate New York. He was suffering from fluid around his lung and possible mass in his lung. Surgery was performed immediately to drain the fluid. He is still in the hospital with a tube in his lung to continue drainage and has undergone testing and waiting for results. If all goes well he may be out of the hospital next week. Please keep Isaac in your prayers and help this great young man to full recovery. A young man who not only dedicated himself through hard work toward leading the Cony Football team to a State Championship but also gave back of himself by giving countless hours to our youth by coaching football at the youth level.

Isaac was a tri-sport athlete at Cony, playing center on the football team, goalie for lacrosse and was also on the wrestling team. Isaac started the tradition of the Cony Football team coming into the Red Barn every Thursday after practice for dinner!

When we reached out to his parents to find out if they would accept our help, we also learned Isaac’s mom, Joyce, has been struggling with health issues of her own and is currently receiving chemotherapy treatment.

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